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The Working Class Revolution b

Location: UK » West Midlands » B

When: Sunday 28 September 2014, 12:00pm


Where: Birmingham City Centre, outside the ICC , Birmingham b

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On September 28th, the Conservative Party are holding there huge 4 day Conference in the City of Birmingham at the ICC.

If you are a working class person who is working and yet finding it impossible to make ends meet, be there

If your a benefit claimant he is seriously being undermined and persecuted for being on JSA and a victim of a cruel, sadistic system, be there

If you are one of many disabled people being harassed by ATOS and struggling for your basic human rights, be there

If you are effected with the horrible and ridiculous Bedroom tax, be there

If you are 1 of the 13 million who live in this country in poverty, please try your best to be there

We all see what’s going on in Britain and feel powerless to do anything about it but let me assure you, YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS. If we can get as much as us altogether as possible, we can change the future not only for ourselves but more importantly our children and our childrens children.

We are being victimized for the simple fact that we are financially at the bottom scale and abused for what wasn’t even a mess to clean up by the Banks.

If we really put our head together, we can really scare the hell out of the so called “upper” classes. This country doesn’t move unless we go and do our jobs. WE ARE THE POWERFUL, WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.

So be there September 28th to have your say, share your voice and stand up the Fascist Dictators that our ruining our country.


Or watch as it crumbles under the hands of the greedy and the intolerant and the truly heartless as we lose everything so the Rich squeeze every single penny out of you and your love ones as you carry on struggling and working for nothing but your own poverty.

United we Stand against a crooked system

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