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Atos Register of Shame 


I have had my website shut down by Atos, but I still have my blog “Victims
of Atos Corruption” for how long I don’t know?

Thanks to everyone who is following my campaigning and helping out.


The Atos Register of Shame is for everyone who has or is being affected by the disgusting and unjust assessment process that is being carried out by Atos Healthcare.

For too long now Atos and the DWP have hidden behind their cloak of shame but no longer.

Anyone who has had an assessment by this company knows only too well the absurd decisions and reports that they produce, so now people have the opportunity to shame them.

I am asking everyone who has an assessment to get the name of the HCP who interviewed them and to then send me the name of that person to go on the register. I would also like to know the location this took place.

They can use an alias when they send in the details as I think it would be better for all, we all know what Atos and the DWP are like.

As soon as we get a good amount I intend to produce a document and then make it available on line and to send it out to groups campaigning on this issue, I also intend to send it to MPs etc.
I am also asking for peoples personal accounts of their treatment by Atos, again If they send in their stories just mark them “Atos Stories”, and again use an alias.
The website has been live for about a week and I’m getting a big response, please support this campaign.


Paul Smith


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