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Boycott Boots 

We are facing unprecedented cut’s in public service that will decimate hospitals, local services and Further and Higher Education.

But I think the government is looking through the wrong end of the telescope. It is concentrating on reducing expenditure when it should be looking to increase revenue.

Over the last few years large parts of British Industry have moved their financial affairs off shore reducing the revenue the government earns.

My view is quite simple – we pay our taxes in return for services, industry should do the same.

A prime example of this is the Boot’s company. Despite it’s history of the moral values of the devout Methodist Jess Boot it has moved it’s financial affairs to Switzerland reducing it’s tax payments from a typical £120-150 M per annum to a paltry £14M, just 3% of the companies turnover in the UK.

I say that this is morally indefensible and Boot’s should pay tax to match it’s turnover.

That’s why I have launched the website boycottboot.org.uk. I, together with College Students, will be outside the Boot’s branch in Grantham next Saturday (the busiest trading day of the year) handing out leaflets explaining this position.

Would you like to join us outside a branch anywhere in the country?

Check out the site for further details and download flyers to hand out. Please
forward this e-mail to friends and family nationally, if you share my outrage.
Through consumer power and the weight of public opinion we can get the financial laws of this country changed.


David Slater
UCU Branch Secretary
Grantham College

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