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Brighton Benefits Campaign 

Location: UK » South East » BN

Brighton Benefits Campaign is a group of claimants and workers who campaign to bring together those in and out of work to fight against the Government’s welfare reforms.

The Brighton Benefits Campaign was launched in February 2010 in the face of continuing attacks on benefits and the welfare state and the increasing criminalisation of all those who claim. At a time when billions can be found for illegal wars and bank bail outs, the poorest and most vulnerable in the society are having to pay for a recession they never caused.

Rather than be used to drive down wages and be used as free labour, we aim to unite the unemployed and benefit claimants with workers, unions and other campaigns together to build a fight back.

We demand:
  - an end to the privatisation of the benefit system
  - an end to criminalisation of those on benefits
  - an increase in benefits to ensure claimants can live above the poverty line
  - no more job cuts but rather public investment to create jobs

We oppose ESA and demand a more humane benefit for the sick.

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