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Cambridge Defend Education 

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The Occupation of Old Schools Senior Combination Room, University of Cambridge:

We, the Cambridge occupation, following a collective and democratic process, make these demands of University of Cambridge management:

1. That the University completely oppose the increase in fees, fight against it and fight against all cuts to education, and use its influence to oppose the spending review’s threat to education, welfare, health, and other public services.
2. That the University use its influence to fight for free education for all.
3. That the University acknowledge and take steps to combat the systemic inequality of access to this elitist institution and the danger of its intensification posed by the scrapping of EMA, a rise in tuition fees and removal of programs such as Aim Higher.
4. That the University declare it will never privatise.
5. That the University commit to ensure the autonomy of education from corporate interests.
6. That the University recognise UCU (University & College Union). We urge post-graduates, academics and all university staff to unionise.
7. That the University ensure that no students who take part in any form of peaceful protest will face disciplinary action.
8. That the University urge Gonville and Caius College to open their library, and allow Caius Students full access.

Angry? We are. 18 millionaires in the cabinet tell us that we can no longer afford an open, affordable and fair education system. 75% cuts to the education budget > fees of up to £9000 > free school meals scrapped > EMA discarded.

Our politicians have lied to us; the Lib Dems were planning to break their tuition fee pledges even as they made them. The Tories hid their post-election agenda behind the vague rhetoric of ‘big society’. They are acting unaccountably.

Inaction is no longer an option.

This is a call out to university students, sixth form students, cleaners, administrative staff, lecturers and fellows and anyone who does not accept the disastrous slashing of education budgets and the raising of tuition fees - anyone who believes that the future of education is greater than just another arena for the free market to expand its operations - anyone who believes that education should be accessible to all - anyone who believes that education expands the collective horizons of society immeasurably.

Together, we can fight this.

Unlike the politicians, who impose these disastrous cuts from above in order to protect the financial system which has created this mess, we will work together and listen to each other to fight for a free and fair education system for the benefit of all society, not profit.

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