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Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts 

Location: UK » East of England » CB

Campaign to build local resistance to the attack on public services. The group was set up following announcement by Cambridgeshire County Council to cut£ 94m from their budget!

Why is the council making cuts?

Cambridgeshire County Council has proposed £84 million of cuts to compensate for a shortfall in the 2010/11 budget (£337 million). Similar cuts are proposed to councils around the country as local government is asked to claw back the massive bailouts to the banks and insurance firms.

There is money for bankers but not services and jobs?

The estimated £1.3 trillion which UK tax payers have coughed up in order to guarantee private city firms is triple the total combined local and national public spending on health, education, welfare, pensions and transport combined.

What impact will cuts have?

A cut in budget on this scale will have a severe impact on the services provided to the people of Cambridgeshire including, highways, libraries, adult care, young peoples services, mental health and some education services. Like all cuts it will be the most vulnerable who are hit hardest.

Ordinary people should not pay for the bankers’ crisis!

We the undersigned call on Cambridgeshire County Council to refuse to ratify this year’s damaging and unjust budget. The Council should demand that central government makes up any budget shortfall that would lead to:

• Loss of services
• Privatisation of services
• Worsening of conditions for council staff
• An above inflation rise in Council Tax

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