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Fair Fares Now 

We are facing the biggest train fare hikes in a generation - 28% over the next three years - as the government cuts the subsidy it provides to the railways.

Think these cuts won’t hurt? Think again.

Train fares are set to rise four times faster than wages next year. That means many people will have to find hundreds of pounds extra for their season tickets, without seeing a penny extra in their pay packets. We can’t afford to make it so expensive just to do a day’s work.

Fair Fares Now is a new campaign for more affordable train fares. Hiking fares is bad for passengers, bad for the environment and bad for the economy. We believe that trains should be treated as an essential public service – not a luxury for the rich.

The Government promised fair fares when it came to power – we need to stand together to make them keep their promise.

Join us today and help make fares cheaper, simpler and fairer!

Support the campaign and take action at http://www.fairfaresnow.org.uk

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