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Get unemployed people into the job 

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Instead of recruiting 20 DWP new people into the DWP legal services and policy implementation between 29th Aug and mid October at Caxton House London, why not lobby the DWP at Caxton House to appoint the unemployed into these new roles instead?

After all, the unemployed people who are inclined towards policy making will have a much better idea about what is actually needed at the DWP rather than the privileged lawyers that the government is set to employ; and who have no work fare or CAP experience. Unemployed people could really make a humane difference to the DWP if only the DWP employed them at the highest levels, and not just automatically go through the old GLS system each time.

The brightest minds aren’t always attracted to go through the GLS route, so why does government still insist on narrowing its fields of expertise and appointing people only from one class and one sector of society? And why does everything have to be done online, as not everyone has easy access to computers?

If you feel the same, why not drop off a written reminder to Caxton House personnel ? Or stand outside reminding the staff and ministers who enter the building that:
Unemployed people aren’t toys to be played with
Workfare and CAP are not the answer
Policy development at grass roots is the only real way forward

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