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Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services 

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Hackney Alliance was set up formally on July 14th 2010. We have had over 100 local trade union and community activists attend the first 3 meetings. We will be meeting fortnightly initially.

Massive cuts on the way for Hackney people

Following the general election in May we now have a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. Thirteen years of high public spending and undertaxing has left a legacy of a massive national debt that some calculate will be £1.4 trillion by 2014. This new government has announced their priority will be to cut this deficit. The cuts to public spending being suggested for the next few years may total over £100 billion, while it is thought some I million public sector jobs will be lost. These cuts will affect all public services from hospitals to social care, from education to transport. We already know Homerton Hospital is facing major cuts in spending.

While the first £6 billion of ‘taster cuts’ which was announced on May 24 will be painful, a much worse prospect is promised from the emergency ’50 days [after the election] budget’, on June 22.

Whether the cuts are needed or right is highly debatable but they are coming, unless we stop them, and they will affect us all, dramatically. And we, as trade unionists want to be prepared for this massive attack on our public services and to help fight and to beat it.

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