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HSBC 3 Defence Campaign 

Location: UK » North East » NE

The HSBC 3 Defence Campaign is a campaign set up to defend 3 activists who were arrested in Newcastle peacefully protesting against the cuts on 18/12/10. 2 of them have subsequently been found guilty, and given fines totalling £760. This is a massive blow to the anti-cuts movement, as are all other political arrests, as a precedent has been set criminalizing direct action against the cuts. The defence campaign is appealing against this verdict.

We oppose all political policing, and the targeting and criminalization of any anti-cuts protestors. A defence fund has been set up to challenge the charges agaist the 2 activists who were convicted, and if the appeal is successful, the fund will be used for future activists who are arrested taking action against the cuts.

Defend one, Defend all! Support the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign!

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