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Justice for FACS Kids 

This is an urgent campaign that has a wider interest in the long term. It concerns the removal of legal aid from a highly vulnerable group - disabled children.  We need to get our Legal Aid restored before 20th December.

A petition has been set up by the parents of children involved in the group action against the 4th largest drug company in the world - Sanofi Aventis.  Our children have Fetal Valproate Syndrome - a condition caused by being exposed to anti-convulsant used during pregnancy to control seizures.

At the 11th hour, and after 7 years and £3 million the Legal Services Commission have refused to fund the remaining £750,000 needed to fight the case, thereby denying these children (including mine) the right to present the evidence to a Judge and to the public.

Please sign this petition on behalf my son and the other chldren - we have until 20th December to get the legal aid reinstated.


Please forward to all your friends, facebook it, do what you can.  This has implications for all other future cases - it is a test case and if it can happen to these children, then it can happen to anyone.

Also see the following link including responses to arguments against the reinstatement.


Thank you
Bernadette Keeffe

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