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Keep Probation public 

A campaign to keep the probation service public and avoid the privatisation currently proposed by the government.Just in case anyone thinks that G4S or SERCO have expertise in the area of managing low/medium risk offenders, they don’t. Most offenders assessed as posing a medium risk of harm are likely to be sex offenders, burglars or violent offenders. The 50,000 or so high risk offenders that Grayling wants the Probation Service to supervise ( as a result of its expertise I assume) are the least likely to cause harm to the public.This is pure unadulterated Tory dogma at work, for those of you who have not lived under a Tory regime before, well this is how it goes. Justice is not a business, it is a duty of the state and an interaction between the state and its citizens. Publicly accountable organisations provide the necessary link between the state and the community not profiteers whose only duty is to shareholders. If you give a damn about how justice is delivered then please write to your MP. You can find a model letter on the NAPO website.

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