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Lancaster and Morecambe Against the Cuts! 

Location: UK » North West » LA

We are a coalition of local people fighting to defend our public services, jobs and communities. Our launch rally attracted around 300 supporters from all walks of life, and was held on town hall steps as an emergency response on the day the scale of these cutbacks were revealed in late October 2010.

Local community campaigners, trades unionists, city councillors and many individuals and groups affected by these cuts have now joined together to support the campaign and do something about it!
Please join in and help us!

You can usually find us at our campaigning stall in Lancaster’s Market Square on a Saturday afternoon between 11am and 2pm. Do drop by for a chat, find information and resources, meet other people who want to help. There are also regular gatherings of people who want to plan and carry out campaigning.

We welcome ideas for campaigns, especially if you or your families are being hit by the Con-Dem governments cuts. And we will be holding plenty of events you can join in - from public meetings in local halls and community centers, information and help sessions, outdoor rallies, marches and protests, mass leafleting - and much more - as we step up the fight against these cuts.

Past generations have struggled against inequality and injustice, in their trades unions and movements for civil rights and even for the right to vote. This is how we won the welfare state and other basic rights for ordinary working people.  Now a new generation must once again take up the fight for equality and justice.

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