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Liverpool Against the Cuts 

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Liverpool Against the Cuts is a broad based coalition and was established in July 2011 to draw in the maximum possible forces to campaign against all cuts across Liverpool.

•      We are against all cuts in jobs and services and all attacks on welfare benefits and pensions.  Against all cuts in health and education
For the unity of all workers and their communities in the fight against the cuts and privatisation – for the unity of black and ethnic minority and white workers against racism and fascism, for the unity of men and women against sexism, for the unity of lesbians, gays, bi and transgender people and straights against homophobia, for the defence of refugees and asylum seekers and others vulnerable people who are facing the most severe cuts

•      Full support to all those workers and campaigns who are in struggle against cuts and privatisation and total opposition to the anti-union laws which victimise workers for fighting back and make our action illegal.

•      Liverpool Against the Cuts will seek to link up with all militant campaigns around the country to create a militant national anti-cuts movement. Solidarity with those workers in Europe and beyond who are fighting heroically to stop austerity packages imposed on their countries.

•      We fight for free, publicly funded health, education, benefits, pensions and public services and for jobs for all at decent wages and with the fight to create a million climate jobs to help save the environment.
Liverpool Against the Cuts holds monthly Organising Meetings at Unite the Union NW Office, Liverpool, where all activities for the month are agreed and prioritised.  Working Parties for specific campaigns meet weekly and feed back to the larger group.  Meetings are open to all who want to get involved in fighting the cuts across Liverpool.

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