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Lost Arts 

Lost Arts is a three year project to catalogue everything in the arts sector we have lost to the cuts.

That’s everything to do with arts and culture from a show, a tour, a single performance, an outreach programme, training or a festival. Anything.

It also includes jobs, from those ‘doing’ the arts to those surrounding and supporting them.

Because cutting funding from a library or a museum or a theatre doesn’t just mean reducing opening hours- actions have consequences, and untold knock-on affects. What about the curatorial staff, the backstage crews and the security staff whose hours are reduced? Accessibility issues? Taking meeting spaces away from communities?

We are going to take the list of losses to the Government as evidence of why the arts need support in the next spending review in 2015.

It’s a year in and the list is long. But we all know it’s going to get worse. 

We need you to keep us up to date with losses where you are.

We also want to hear about local campaigns and protests, that we can then give a national platform via our website.

At the moment, you can submit information by filling out a form at the link below.

For now, the form asks for a contact email, but very soon you will be able to submit information via the form anonymously as well.

Or you can get in touch via twitter and Facebook.

A great writer once said “’Without culture, society is but a jungle. This is why it’s a gift to the future”. There’s a cultural argument against the cuts, a human argument,  and an education argument. Arguably, the economic argument is even stronger.

If you care about the Arts, add your voice to the protest. And please tell us about the losses in your community.

Thank you. 

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