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Manchester Anti Cuts 

Location: UK » North West » M

Our groups consists of people with many different opinions on the cuts and the way we should go forward. We aren’t a random group of people but have formed this group as we share some beliefs and understandings on this issue. However, nobody knows the answers and we are committed to working through these questions and coming up with answers together.

Here is our shared ethos/politics so far:

• The attacks on our quality of life are not inevitable, they can be stopped.

• They aren’t essential, many of the cuts wont “save money” but only serve to attack the poor. The cuts are a political attack by the Conservatives with the Liberal Democrats supporting them. There are no underserving poor.

• We are not all in it together. We didn’t cause this crisis and neither will we pay for it or suggest where cuts should be made.

• Whilst companies such as Vodafone are suffering less from the cuts than working people this issue goes beyond single companies.

• We are for direct action and for reclaiming our own power. We cant rely on those implementing the cuts to stop them. The poll tax was beaten by ordinary people resisting it.

• We are committed to outreach and letting people know that there are are alternatives and how they can get involved with us or set up their own groups.

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