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Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts 

Location: UK » East of England » NR

*We seek to build broad based alliances in the major communities of Norfolk involving all trade unions representing members in the public sector, Trades Councils, campaigning, community & welfare groups, school councils and other organisations representing young people
*We seek to form a Steering Group with representatives from all of the above to take forward the campaign
*Priority task to build support for a credible alternative to the Coalition Government’s policy of public spending cuts
*We agree a core Statement of Aims that we ask other Trade Unions and organisations to addto and support
*We seek to promote a positive image of Public Services and Public Service workers to counter the negative propaganda of the Government and its supporters in the media
*We seek to hold a series of meetings in identified communities in Norfolk to build the Alliance

*We seek to develop practical and meaningful solidarity to support campaigns and actions in opposition to the cuts in our communities
*We welcome the support of any political organisations and politicians that are prepared to oppose (in words and deeds) cuts in public spending
*That we develop a Communications and Media strategy to promote our ideas
*Commitment to universal public services for all regardless of ability to pay without discrimination
*Recognition of the crucial social and economic value of Public Services and public sector jobs to the communities of Norfolk

*Opposition to all public spending cuts

*Effective action to close the Tax Gap and ensure the wealthiest in society pay their fair share of taxes
*Commitment to maintenance of ‘Face-to-face’ and local services
*Opposition to job cuts, service delivery cuts and closures
*Opposition to privatisation or outsourcing of public services
*Opposition to cuts in Welfare benefits

*Opposition to the scapegoating of minorities for unemployment and strains on services.

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