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North East Shop Stewards’ Network 

Location: UK » North East » NE

The North East Shop Stewards Network was formed in spring 2008. Elected stewards, reps, safety reps, branch officers, lay regional, national and executive members and trades council delegates are welcome. Union and campaign activists who do not hold an elected union position, and full-time union officials, can join our email list, which currently includes almost 280 people.

We organise conferences, workshops and events relevant to organising at work, and we believe that

• every voice has a right to be heard and respected
• activists from different political traditions (or none) need to work together
• we need to learn from history, to avoid repeating mistakes
• we need to save today’s activists from having to reinvent the wheel
• we believe that the bosses should pay for their crisis, and not the working class.

We also

• provide accurate information by email and website
• link trade union activists in different unions across the region
• help to rebuild trades councils and county organisations
• promote solidarity and unity in action, especially in support of workers in struggle
• fight for trade union freedom and against anti-union laws
• raise the issues of political trade unionism and the crisis of working class political representation

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