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Save Bristol’s in-house homecare 

Location: UK » South West » BS

Bristol’s in-house homecare is under threat.

Bristol City Council which is currently under Lim Dem Control has proposed plans which, if put in place, will see many of the services for elderly and vulnerable adults scrapped. Day centres and elderly people’s homes will be at high risk of closure. The plans will also mean end to the provision of in-house Homecare at home, provided by the Continuing to Care service.

If these proposals go ahead, the city’s elderly and most vulnerable adults may suffer.


What could happen if Homecare is privatised?

Examination of private homecare providers in the Dilnot Report has indicated a huge shortfall (£1.3 billion) in funding to private providers - The Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s Interim Report has exposed that due to a lack of funding, a poor service of care is provided in provision of services to elderly people.

This interim report into care provision in the independent sector also uncovered instances of: 

• A lack of training provided to staff
• A poor standard of care
• A high turnover of Staff
• Lack of respect for elderly

We are homecare assistants….

We provide a vital social care service in Bristol, helping infirm older people, the disabled, those with mental health problems and the terminally ill to remain living with some dignity in their own homes.

We wash and dress people morning and evening, getting them settled for a decent nights sleep. For people who are bed-ridden we turn them so they don’t get sores, clean them up and make them comfortable. We change incontinence pads and catheter bags. We make sure people eat regular meals and take their tablets.

We really do care, please support us, the service must not be privatised.

Please sign our petition….


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