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Reading Save Our Services 

Location: UK » South East » RG

Reading SOS is for everyone concerned about the impact of the government’s spending cuts on their community, their family or their job.

We are a broad coalition of those who rely on or support good public services and those who work to supply them.

Reading SOS supporters want to build the broadest possible movement that can prevent cuts to public services, employment and living standards.

After robbing us blind in dodgy ‘expenses claims’, our politicians gave £850 billion of our money to the banks that caused the global financial crisis in the first place.

The same banks that have now returned to making £billions in profits and paying £millions in bonuses to their top brass.

Instead of asking these banks to repay this kindness, it is ordinary workers that are expected to pay for it. We’re set to lose £81 billion worth of vital public services.

‘Non-essential, non-frontline’ things like education funding, care and support for the vulnerable, publically accountable healthcare and affordable housing. ‘Non-essential, non-frontline’ things like 1 million jobs and support for those made unemployed.

Never mind that the super rich owe us £120 billion in unpaid taxes. We are told to pay, again and again.

The government’s cuts are unfair, risk the fragile economic recovery and fail to make those who caused the crash pay a proper contribution through the tax system to clearing up the mess they made.

Reading SOS recognise that there will be many diverse people opposed to service cuts. Not all will agree on every aspect or share the same priorities.

We welcome and respect this diversity, but also believe that we will be most effective when we work together, share information and pool resources to everybody’s mutual benefit .

SOS Reading will grow and develop with your participation, but we launch with these initial objectives:

• To gather and map information and personal testimony about the cuts and their effects

• To show that there are alternative economic approaches

• To provide resources and tools for campaigners.

• To co-ordinate effective action to prevent public service cuts.

Reading SOS came about through discussions between local trade union activists and community campaigners. Out of this a public meeting was held in September 2010 to create the campaign.

Since then the campaign has been organised by open meetings each month, with everyone present having a voice and a vote.

We are deeply grateful for early support from the RMT Reading branch, NUT Wokingham division, Unison regional management and West Berkshire Health branch, Reading Trades Union Council, Unite Bracknell branch, Reading Shop Stewards Network, IWW Reading branch, Defend Our Community Services in Bracknell and many other local businesses and individuals.

We are now seeking further funding and support in the form of affiliations, and will soon be able to accept donations online.

Please do also join our email list by sending a blank email to sosreading+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Reading SOS is for everyone who is opposed to service cuts and wants to do something about it.

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