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Save St. James Library 

Location: UK » East Midlands » NN

We are a local residents association campaigning to save our small local library in St. James, Northampton.
Our area has parts of it that feature high in indices of deprivation and our local school has 42% of pupils registered for free school meals, a figure which is correlated to indicate low levels of literacy and poor educational performance. Lots of these pupils visit the library as do many elderly people.
Its crime! It is a small library tucked away where no one can see it.
The county council are going to ignore the facts mentioned above and the fact that over 10,000 visits were made to the library last year alone!
In the words of the councillor responsible for libraries “Protests dont pay bills!” We have now been told if we raise the money to reduce running costs they will consider it and it will probably stay open! So, we raise the money, keep the library open, that eases the pressure on bigger, posher libraries and the more affluent ones stay open without even raising a protest! We dont think this is fair, we dont want any libraries to close at all, but our library supports soke of the most vulnerable people out of all the libraries earmarked for closure.
Help us save our libraries by writing to our County Council and telling them this is wrong! Join us at one of our events.

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