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School and FE Students Against the Cuts 

This group is for Further Education Students and School Students to stand united against the cuts on our education and jobs, and ridiculous raises in our university fees. We want to grow up in a fair society, so we support everyone fighting to defend their job, their pension, or their public services.

These cuts that are being inflicted upon our generation are unacceptable. Raising the tuition fees to £9000 a year (excl. living costs) will not make our society fairer, nor is it necessary.
Any social mobility that exists today will cease to exist, class divides will become more defined, and university will no longer be for people who can achieve the grades and who have worked ridiculously to get those grades, it will be for the people who can afford it -university will become a luxury of the rich.

Many FE Students will want to leave Further Education to go straight into a job. This will no longer be possible for our generation, as 490,000 public sector jobs are being cut. We will be forced on the dole, then we will be accused of being ‘work-shy’ and ‘benefit scroungers’ and forced into demeaning ‘voluntary’ work for our benefits, after being told we are deliberately avoiding work.

Whilst all this occurs, the bankers who caused this mess retain £7bn worth of bonuses, the rich still evade massive amounts of tax (total bill: £120bn) The war in Afghanistan rages on, £76bn is being spent on Weapons of Mass Destruction and £25bn is being spent on 2 new aircraft carriers (with no jets to fly off them)

We seem to have money for wars, for bankers and we seem to be able to spare the rich the chore of paying taxes, but we don’t seem to have money for the things that matter to people like us!

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