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The Right to Read Campaign 

Location: UK » West Midlands » WV

Governments, financiers and the digital world are threatening the arts. Libraries are closing, book shops and music shops closing, poor education and dumbing down of the population may result in the loss of many of things we artists and arts lovers hold dear – freedom and expression.

Why libraries are so important and must be preserved and supported

The importance of museums and art galleries

Why community centres and services must survive

Freedom of expression is vital, don’t be silenced, don’t compromise

Therefore, I have started a campaign to fight this murder of the civilised world.

You can join in and help prevent the loss of culture, art and history by:
Register and visit your local libraries often. Complete any petitions they may have.
Lobby your MP, the Prime Minister and local authorities as well as book and music retailers
Archive material to keep it for future generations.
Buy books that libraries and stores sell off, store them, lend them out.
Boycott Ipads and other e-readers.
Use local bookshops and music stores.
Set up reading groups and story tellers for children.
Encourage your children to read books and listen to music. Teach them to read well and encourage them to learn more about history, law and the arts.
Learn how to make websites, to store books and files so that everyone can see them – free

The Right to Read Campaign is an independent group with no political or religious agendas or interests. It was

created by Digital Alchemy UK and Art Alchemy everyone is welcome. The more people support us and promote public awareness the better. Thank You for your support.

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