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Their Cuts - Not Ours 

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The Government is making cuts which it is forcing others to make and get blamed for. This why we, a group of Hackney councillors,  say: ‘Their Cuts - Not Our Cuts’. They are using ideological cuts, not based on financial reasons. We have handed in a Christmas card and a Hanukah card to No 10 with some of those who are going to get hurt by the Government cuts. It wished him Merry Christmas from all who are going to lose their jobs, their homes, be taken advantage of, suffer ill-health, family break-up and worse because of the public spending cuts. He will no doubt have had a wonderful Christmas with his family at his multi-million pound residence while our constituents will be living in fear of losing their jobs, their homes and their savings. We now intend writing to every Lib Dem MP about the situation.

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