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We’re sending ‘Health-Scrooge’ Cameron an NHS Christmas card. Will you sign it? 

On the 1st December, children across the country open the first window in their advent calendars, starting the countdown to Christmas.

But we want to mark the countdown in another way – by sending David Cameron a message that all we want for Christmas is our NHS.

Cameron’s Tories, backed up by the Lib Dems, are putting our NHS at risk. Their cuts mean that people are already waiting longer for the treatment they need, and they are wasting billions of pounds on a top-down restructure that will mean:

• worse patient care with services cut, hospitals closing and longer waiting times for treatment

• more privatisation and more companies making money from all parts of our health service

• more red tape making it harder for nurses, doctors and other health professionals to do their jobs

David Cameron promised to ‘protect the NHS’, to ‘give the NHS a real rise in funding’ and to ‘stop top-down NHS reorganisations’. He is breaking every one of those promises - you just can’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

If we want to defeat this Bill, we have to keep up the pressure on the man who is responsible.

That’s why we’re going to deliver ‘Health-Scrooge’ Cameron a big Christmas card from all of us, saying: all we want for Christmas is our NHS.

Will you sign the card?


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