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Cardiff sings against the banks

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Cardiff sings against the banks

Côr Cochion spearheaded a day of action in Cardiff on Friday 14 October.

Our target was the bankers, the main culprit in the global meltdown.

We marched through Queen Street, which was crowded with rugby fans, and occupied each bank in turn for 20 minutes. Our singing brought the banks to a standstill; security guards tried to bully us into leaving, but we stood firm. We explained that we held the banks responsible for the global crisis. The managers all claimed that it was not they who the government was bailing out, but the other banks.

As the singing of “Banks of Marble” echoed through the lobby of Lloyds, to applause from the customers, the manager shut the doors.

With “We will Rise`, we took on Barclays,  Natwest and HSBC in turn. We sang as we proceeded through the main pedestrian thoroughfare in Queen Street, and the majority of people expressed their support for our stand.

Our campaign will continue until this Tory /Coalition government starts showing some compassion for those suffering from their ideologically driven cuts.


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