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Hastings Anti Cuts Latest Feb 2011

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Hastings Anti Cuts Latest Feb 2011

Hastings Anti Cuts meeting 3rd February Unitarian Church Hastings.

1.It was confirmed that 93 people have taken up places on the coaches from Hastings to London for the TUC march on 26th March. PCS have now booked a third coach, so everyone needs to urgently work to get more names to fill it. If we can do that quickly enough we have a chance of getting a fourth!

2.The CWU are having an event on 19TH March against privatisation of the post office, we will send details when we get more information.

3.Posters have now been made for the Hastings against the Cuts Benefit gig at the pig in paradise on Friday 11th February, 8 till late.  We will set up a stall in one of the rooms to advertise our Cuts campaign and the march. A raffle has been organised. Banners are to be made, and the band play for free but we will get them some beer. Listings sent to Hastings Observer. Many thanks to Jim Kemp for all the hard work.

4.Group were reminded of the Robert Tressell day on 5th February at the Brass Monkey, Hastings District Trades Council will have a stall and a speaker there and will promote the anti-cuts cause and the issue of victimised reps.

5.The website is using a link from face book which is being created, an innovative idea to promote the campaign is going to be used. Thanks to Colin Sellens for all his IT work

6.Hastings against the Cuts supported the HDTC motion on the continuing victimisation of Trade union reps, specifically two PCS comrades Sue Kendal and Mark Hammond who the Ho,me Office have dismissed with a pathetic lack of evidence. The union firmly believes the real reason for dismissal is that they are, respectively a very active branch secretary and the President of the Home Office Group of the union.

7.Meeting agreed to hold a mass anti cuts Rally in Hastings, following the march on the 26th, time and date to be confirmed. It was suggested that it be a fancy dress (optional) Normans/Saxons and advertised as ‘The Second Battle of Hastings’.

8.The Budget for Hastings Council will be discussed on 16th February and voted on 28th February, Departments such as Marketing, parking and the information centre are to be merged which will mean a large number of compulsory redundancies, this will be above the 9 that have been announced, many people are angry that Hastings has an 8% cut when other wealthy local Tory councils have only a 2% cut.
Unison are organising a mass lobby of the budget-setting Council meeting at St Mary in the Castle on 28th to protest the cuts. It was agreed that we will show up to the lobby with all the numbers we can muster. 

9.Serious concerns were raised regarding the East Sussex County Council cuts. All care services will be affected which will mean 1500 will lose this essential help. Youth clubs will close and sure start will be done away with. The CAB will also be hit hard with many staff losing jobs at a time when ordinary people need there help more than ever. People also need to be aware of the cuts for disability benefits. We will do a draft letter to send to all other groups affected by the cuts to attend the Hastings Anti Cuts meetings It was pointed out that 43% of Hastings residences do not have cars and are reliant on the bus service so cuts to all these services will have a massive affect on people and there mobility for even simple things such as shopping.

10.UK Uncut gave an update to the meeting, improvised action against the high street shops who fiddle their taxes will continue.

11.AOB. Leaflets were handed out as it is the 25th anniversary of the Wapping dispute. Agreed that these can be handed out at the Robert Tressell event. It was asked has anyone seen our parachuted in Tory MP Amber Rudd, she told us she was not available to meet on a weekday, but she has been very quite regarding her government cuts in Hastings. It was agreed to set up an ‘Amber Watch’. There was also another proposal for direct action, that members of the campaign handcuff themselves naked to the railings outside the Hastings information centre, there was a slight concern that looking at some of us may put local residents off.

12.Next meeting 9th March Venue TBC.


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