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how can we stop public money being diverted to to tax havens

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how can we stop public money being diverted to to tax havens

I am trying to raise awareness of the awarding of NHS contracts to privatisation sharks particularly those registered in a tax haven. Already Virgin, Serco, Care. uk etc have obtained billions of pounds of NHS contracts by Primary Care Trusts that will be out of business in 8 months yet the contracts are for 5 years!!!! The CCGs will have no chance to make the difference that medics and lay people wish with their hands tied by these dodgy contracts!

Sadly the managers in the NHS involved in procurement are totally out of their depth when dealing with the suits from Serco etc, they actually believe they can change things later , how sweet, so naive, so bloody naive! I spoke to my MP and he did not know these companies use tax havens. Strange as his wife is a director of BUPA!

I am on my local CCG responsible for the health and well being of 1/2 million people and 680million pounds of their money and even I can’t cannot get any action. PLEASE HELP


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