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J30 Liverpool march against the cuts…

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J30 Liverpool march against the cuts…

Teachers, lecturers and public sector workers marched
en-mass through the town and city streets, the length and breadth of Britain , on this last day of June, two thousand and eleven.

This date is likely to be remembered by many as the first day of a long, drawn out campaign, by British Trade Union members, to defend the rights and liberties which took so much sacrifice and suffering to prize from the grasp of the greedy few, who it seems, wish to turnthe clock back to the days of the workhouse, and wage slavery.

Many who marched today, bitterly criticised the arrogance of this Conservative government’s heavy handed, bullying attitude toward them. Many don’t believe that this government gives a damn about working people’s rights or their circumstance. They are outraged by the idiotic demand for them to work till they reach the grand old age of 68 before they become entitled to claim the right to retire. It seems that this government would prefer to work them to death, rather than allow them a well deserved reward for the valuable contribution they have made to society.

These unreasonable demands which this government wishes to impose upon them, will only serve to destroy the excellent standards which these professionals have worked long and hard to attain. These demands are not an act of a responsible government. These are the demands of disaster capitalists, whose only concern is to feather there own nest, while they break the backs of the people on the wheel of corporate greed.


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