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Meeting Future Challenges - What’s been decided and what it all means

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Meeting Future Challenges - What’s been decided and what it all means

Discussions are underway as Dorset County Council enters into a 90 day consultation period on the issue of your Terms & Conditions being tampered with. The proposed changes to your current Terms & Conditions are just another way of cutting back on services and reducing earnings to such a low level that it will take years to regain a relative standard of living for many in Dorset County Council.
Twelve days forced leave, without pay, throughout 2012 and 2013, with only the slim promise of a review in December 2013. If anyone feels that they will overturn this ruling for 2014, please raise your hand. This move may mean a reduction in working hours over the year, but it still amounts to another cut of nearly 5% in salaries. And you might want to ask yourself how the work will still get done.
Reduction in unsocial hours payments, which means you should no longer expect what you are rightly due for any overtime you work, or for night working, weekend working, bank holiday working, or standby working. It’s all being cut, and this is in addition to the money you will lose under the twelve day forced leave proposals, reduced redeployment protection and the removal of the subsidised lease car scheme.

With other cuts being proposed, plus rises in VAT, and the increasing costs of basic utilities, services and foodstuffs, you could find yourself in a position where you simply won’t be able to cope.
Not only have they frozen salaries over the next two years, they now want to eat into these frozen salaries and, at the same time, cut our hours, withdraw payments, and rob us of our Terms & Conditions, which will allegedly save the council £4.3 million, but we should be sceptical about what they are offering. They say this will protect 150 jobs and they will blame every worker who fights to retain their Terms & Conditions if jobs are lost.
DO NOT believe this. 

It is central government that is initiating the cuts, and it’s Dorset County Council that is enthusiastically implementing these cuts. So don’t let them tell any of us that we should be accepting a heavily diluted version of our terms and conditions, which have taken decades to secure.


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