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Nottingham supports Egyptian revolution!

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Nottingham supports Egyptian revolution!

Support the Egyptian revolution! Sunday 1pm, Clumber St, Nottingham

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On Friday 4 February well over 100 people demonstrated in support of the Egyptian revolution.  Called at a day’s notice, the word had gone out to students, activists, trade unionists and had been announced at Friday prayers in one of the Mosques.

We demonstrated in response to the brilliant protests, and at the request of new free Egyptian Trade Union Federation, calling for international support and solidarity.  Word was 2,000 demonstrated outside the Acropolis in Greece, and similar protests were happening in Bristol, London and Liverpool – and they’re just the ones we heard about by phone.

“From the Nile to the sea, Egypt soon will be free!  From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”  “Hey ho, Mubarak has to go!” chanted young Muslim women.  Students had made a banner saying “Victory to the Egptyian REVOLUTION”.  People had made their own placards from pictures of Mubarak being kicked out, to DEMOCRACY NOW.  People were talking about Ben Ali, the Tunisian dictator, and hoping the wave will spread to Saudi Arabia.

Vodafone was heckled for allowing Mubarak to use their networks while shutting off the protesters.  On Sunday at 1pm, Vodafone on Clumber Street will see a joint protest with UK UNCUT, linking the demands that they pay their taxes and that they do not support dictators.  Vodafone says they only did what the government told them.  Sorry Vodafone, that excuse didn’t work for war criminals, and it won’t work for you!

After nearly two hours and two marches around Market Square, 40 protesters met to discuss the next steps.  After Sunday’s Vodafone protest, it is agreed that:

If the army or police move against the revolution, protest 5pm Market Square.

When Mubarak goes, celebrate 5pm Market Square.

One Muslim woman made one of the most passioned speeches I’ve heard for a while, brilliant as she had never spoken in public before.  Another Carribbean woman had never been on a demonstration, but is joining us on Sunday and organising her friends to come.

We urge you to join us on Sunday, and remember:

If the army or police move against the revolution, protest 5pm Market Square.

When Mubarak goes, celebrate 5pm Market Square.

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=162230093829141&index=1


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