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Notts Uncut Emergency Operation

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Notts Uncut Emergency Operation

Notts Uncut answered UK Uncut’s call for a national day of action in support of the NHS with a day of street theatre. We told a modern day Grimm’s fairy tale, illustrating what could happen to the NHS in the hands of Andrew Lansley. The crowd booed as the villainous Lansley and his pet bankers removed collaboration from the NHS and replaced it with competition; they hissed as Lansley told cancer, HIV and Alzheimer’s patients that their drugs were too expensive and told the mother of a premature baby that she lived in the wrong postcode for neo-natal care; they booed some more as Lansley ripped out the beating heart of the NHS and fed it to his greedy bankers and finally cheered at the traditional idea of an NHS where anybody could be treated, regardless of the nature of their illness or the size of their bank balance.

There was a good turnout on the day with lots of new faces and we handed out lots of information about the threat to the NHS under the health and social care bill. 

Despite the excessive numbers of police on the streets on the day there were, as always, no arrests and no trouble. I wonder who’s picking up the bill for this policing though – is it us – the taxpayer – or the tax avoiding shops and banks who appear to think they’re entitled to use the police force as their own private security force?


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