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Report finds funding cuts are excluding brain injury survivors

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Report finds funding cuts are excluding brain injury survivors

From Headway:


Please help us continue our work to improve life after brain injury.

With cuts to local authority and NHS budgets continuing to impact on people’s lives, Headway aims to be the voice of brain injury survivors across the UK when we use ABI Week 2014 to say ‘Don’t cut me out!’

The campaign aims to increase awareness of the plight of individuals and families affected by brain injury whose access to vital support services is being reduced as a result of funding cuts and welfare reforms.

As part of the campaign, Headway conducted a survey to find out how funding cuts are affecting people with brain injury.

Study results

- Almost half (48%) of people living with brain injury have lost access to vital rehabilitation and support services as a result of cuts to local authority budgets and welfare benefits reform
- 70% believe their long-term support needs will increase if they do not have access to the support they need now
- 70% concerned about ability to cope financially due to welfare benefits reform
- More than half report a deterioration in their quality of life

Charities struggling to cope with reduced support from local authorities:

- 85% of local Headway groups concerned about long-term survival
- 89% forced to usecharity reserves and additional charity funds to maintain vital services

The results of Headway’s surveys provide striking evidence that simultaneous welfare reforms and local authority funding cuts are having a profound negative impact on brain injury survivors, carers and Headway groups and branches.

In addition to the human cost in the short-term, the long-term implications should be a concern to all in society as reduced access to vital services will lead to more people being reliant on long-term state support. The number of people surviving acquired brain injury and requiring services continues to rise, causing services to become increasingly stretched.

You can download the full study text by following this link https://www.headway.org.uk/funding-cuts.aspx


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