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Shameful pigs

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Shameful pigs

My mother has moved a disc at the base of her spine & finds it difficult to move in general. She has difficulty in sitting for too long & can on really hot days be a nightmare as she will be laid up in bed. This is not laziness. She is trying to be active in the matter. She has tried to get to work,But has been told by several employers she is a “Public liability” & that is their words not hers. She went for a medical in 2013 & was told she was fit for work. I went with her & this is not back biting,but I believe the person carrying out the assessment was drunk & or on Drugs. She kept tripping up over her own two feet.She had to be told things several times.The reason she failed my mother was the fact she can do a hobby. A subject she brought up. To me that’s a stupid question as there can be no right or wrong answer to that question.That is the height of false economy. She went to the job centre & she was pushed out of the building by the member of staff & told to appeal. No one came to assess the claim & she now has been literally left to starve. This is the height of a con.They just take the actions of these useless idiots. Right now he is going to go through the human rights commission.Fingers crossed they can help.


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