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The NHS is rising and health workers have asked for student support.

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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the first planning meeting for Day X for the NHS called by health workers inc ambulance workers, GPs, consultants, nurses, mental health workers, retired health workers.

At the meeting the health workers said they really want students to support them because they were inspired by student protests but also because they have been warned not to speak publicly about cuts to services and jobs happening now.

The ConDems are pushing the bill through now without a mandate and what we are experiencing in London is the closure of Accident and Emergencys, maternity wards, children’s clinics, a cancer ward. 50,000 jobs will be lost on front-line services.

The bill has had it’s second reading. A source stated, MPs have not read the 300+ document, instead they are having library read-ins where they are given summaries by others.

The academic Abu Zayd said to a student, ‘you must read for yourself my works otherwise you erase me and you erase yourself’. Potent words.

Considering that many MPs cannot read the paper it is fair to say they are not able to make a proper assessment of what the paper means for our future health service.

Yet regardless of that these same MPs, will vote on the most severe cuts to the NHS.

At a recent public meeting a student at SOAS asked a question about what happens if the NHS is privatised.

Currently in the UK there is a fixed tariff, which means all patients pay the same amount for their health care. Once and if the system is privatised then there will no longer be a fixed tariff. Instead, the area you live in will determine how much you pay for a treatment. Once a company runs the NHS profits come before people.

We can see how this system functions by looking at the US. Those who have private health care have hospital care, those who don’t either have worst health care or none.

A friend in the US recently gave birth to twins, she stayed in hospital for 10 days at a cost of $70,000 per day. That is our future if we allow Lansley’s bill to go through.

Worryingly the private health care companies who will benefit from the NHS being disbanded are those who threw thousands at David Cameron for his election campaign.

In the white paper it states, ‘at it’s best the NHS is a world class service, admired by other countries with some of the most dedicated public servants in the country’.

So instead of spending £20 - 40 billion to re-structure the NHS into a social enterprise, let’s use that money to maintain the NHS as a world class service.

On March 9th there is Day X for the NHS called by health workers. The protest will start at The Royal London Hospital at 5pm. It will go through the city heartland, past the banks and will end at Bart’s hospital.

A facebook link to Day X for the NHS.

On March 2nd students have called a public meeting to discuss actions for Day X for the NHS.

The time is 7pm, the place UCL, we have yet to confirm the room.
Please contact studenthealth2011@gmail.com

Below is a link to Jacky Davis, founder of Keep Our NHS Public speaking to SOAS students about the bill. In her presentation Jacky reveals the truth behind the Conservative party’s vision for the NHS.


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