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A21 Flimwell to Robertsbridge 

Location: UK » South East » TN
Sector: Transport

The government cancelled the A21 Flimwell to Robertsbridge bypass scheme in its October 2010 Spending Review.

The proposed scheme was for the A21 to bypass the villages of Flimwell, Hurst Green and Silver Hill in East Sussex. At present, this section of the A21 is mainly unimproved single carriageway with a poor alignment and narrow verges that severely restricts safe overtaking opportunities.

There are numerous frontages with direct access to the trunk road, not only within the village centres but also between the communities. Within the villages of Flimwell, Hurst Green and Silver Hill and the scattered settlements between, there is concern over increasing trunk road traffic which generates noise and air pollution, and causes severance within the communities.

There is limited provision along the road for pedestrians and the road impacts on their safety. While traffic can flow freely outside the peak periods, delays occur to traffic accessing the A21 from side roads. In addition, due to the poor alignment and narrow width of the A21 any incident or maintenance quickly causes significant queuing. The accident rate is also above the national average.

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