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Christmas ‘Cancelled’ In certain parts of Knowsley due to cuts 

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Whiston and Halewood will not have any Christmas lights or decorations at all this year due to cuts.  As a Whiston resident, the standard of decorations has declined over the years anyway from ‘average’ to ‘pathetic’ to now nothing at all.  Yet Kirkby and Huyton seem to get big Christmas trees and lots of lights.  Tesco have apparently paid for the tree in Kirkby as a ‘good will’ gesture (The alleged relationship between Knowsley council and Tesco is another story on its own).  Maybe because they are building yet another store in Kirkby quite soon perhaps?

The only thing that Whiston has is a ‘dead twig’  (Probably the most pathetic tree I’ve ever seen.  Put it this way, if I’d have bought it, I would have took it back and demanded a refund!), donated by Balfour Beatty (Builders of the new PFI funded Whiston Hospital, soon to pay the price for the crippling financial problems) , in Henley park opposite the hospital.  It is actually dead as it is brown, and hasn’t grown at all since it was planted 2 years ago.  For hospital visitors it must be quite a drepressing and laughable sight with its flashing lights and nothing else.

There is a joke around the area that the local housing association Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) actually stands for Kirkby Huyton Trust, as that is the only areas you hear about in their glossy magazine, that they waste money posting out to people.

People don’t ask for much, some simple lights and a decent tree, but Knowsley Council want you to feel the pain and misery even more.

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