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Education Other than at School service 

Location: UK » East of England » CB
Sector: Education

EOTAS is a service for children who have had to leave mainstream education for medical reasons. The reasons can be physical recovery from serious illnes, or (more typically) severe depression or anxiety. In the latter case, the most usual reason is bullying whilst in mainstream school. It consists of a small-scale school in which pupils receive tuition in a non-threatening environment, with additional support for such things as work experience. Children who attend can expect a significant improvement in their grades. More importantly, they can begin the process of recovery.

The service is paid for by contributions from local schools. Currently 10 schools have decided to withdraw funding, stating that they can spend their budgets more effectively by bringing the children back into the mainstream. However, these are schools who have already failed these children, and show no evidence of having put new strategies in place.

Redundancies have been made, and the unit expects to close at Easter. 

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