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Peterborough City Council - Meals service PE1

Location: UK » East of England » PE
Sector: Social care

Issue: Meals service

It is proposed to remove the subsidy from the current home meals service. If the subsidy was to be removed in a single phase, it would result in an increase from £3.20 to £5.20 per hot meal and from £2 to £2.60 per frozen meal.

We would like to consider if there are any alternatives to the current home meals service, including whether we could offer a greater choice to people from a broader range of meal providers, but without the need for a subsidy from the council.

One change was made to the proposals following consultation, which was in relation to the Meals Service where the Council agreed to phase in the removal of the meals subsidy over two years, rather than one year as originally proposed.  This reduced the savings targeted on the Meals Service from £87,000 to £45,000 in 2013-14.  A corresponding increase in savings targeted on Supplies and Services through efficiencies was made which increased the savings in that area from £50,000 to £92,000.

2013/14 £k: 45
2014/15 £k: 87
2015/16 £k: 87
2016/17 £k: 87
2017/18 £k: 87

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