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Salford city council - environment and community safety cuts spending by £2m (14%) M27

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Reductions will mean reduced maintenance standards across the city. The frequency between grass cutting and general maintenance of shrubbery operations will lengthen and work at weekends and bank holidays will cease, including inspections.

Street cleaning arrangements will continue to be specified by need, with the areas needing it most being cleaned more often, although there may be more fly tipping and there will be an overall deterioration in cleanliness. There will be no cleansing service on Saturdays or bank holidays.

There will be reductions in some services such as the number of park rangers, environmental education, enforcement and awareness officers; a reduction equating to 19% of the current resources, or 4 posts. This will result in reduced capacity to support community events, enforce fly-tipping, litter and dog fouling and waste awareness campaigns.

A risk based approach to trading standards, licensing and environmental protection inspections will be further focussed to concentrate on high risk areas. The ability to respond to criminal complaints and to carry out larger scale investigations, eg counterfeiting, will reduce, as will the level of support to businesses.

£329k efficiency/cost reduction measures will be implemented across services, including reducing the operating cost of internal health and safety services and Bereavement Services, using capital investment to offset annual leasing charges, reducing the cost of supplies and services and reductions in operating satellite depots.

Income will be generated from an increase in charges such as adult burials (5%) and cremations (10%). The health and safety service introduced to schools in the previous year will be expanded on; which will raise new income to the service and provide schools with a valuable source of professional advice and support.

Community Safety: there will be a cessation of work on witness outreach activity and some support to families and individuals in relation to drug and alcohol abuse.

Budget papers for 2012 - 2013 are here:

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