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Cheshire West and Cheshire poor confused service

Its been a harrowing 9 mths here,help has been sparse,and the GP abusive,a lovely area it should of been a different tale,but …

Increases in care charges

I have severe arthritis and get direct payments and use a care agency to send me carers for five hours a day. The care agency …

What the DLA mobility cut will mean for my son

My son is profoundly disabled and lives in a fantastic nursing home, but without his Disability Living Allowance mobility …

Young and old are being thrown on the scrapheap

I have two degrees, two post-graduate qualifications, experience in two job sectors (journalism and education) ... and no job. …

Shame on you Prime Minister. I know you know better.

The Comprehensive Spending Review announced that residents in care homes will no longer be eligible for the High Rate Mobility …

Breaking Britain: Cuts and testimonies

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