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Everywhere I have worked as a student mental health nurse has been short-staffed

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Everywhere I have worked as a student mental health nurse has been short-staffed

I’m due to qualify as a mental health nurse. I have spent three years training in the tamworth, lichfield and burton area. Everywhere I have worked as a student has been short staffed and i mean everywhere.

These appalling staffing levels rely on the staff that do work there doing so out of goodwill to patients. I have seen lots of people move on in three years and never seen any job re-advertised. Occasionally people move from one short-staffed workplace to another through internal jobs (robbing peter to pay paul) and i do remeber last year one student got a job on a temp contract but left very shortly to a permananent contract in a different nhs trust.

The spread sheet that collates the nhs job losses is rubbish for this trust as well at no point have i ever seen these jobs in crisis teams, camhs.

There is a mental health hospital in Burton that will be closed in the near future and the day centres in the county have been closed as well.

Obviously I’m upset I’m struggling to find work, but in the bigger picture how much more can be cut before people become as vulnerable as they can be without support?


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