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Aged 60, on JSA and regularly sanctioned

Location: UK » South West » GL
Aged 60, on JSA and regularly sanctioned

My name is John, I am 60 and I live in Stroud. I trained as an engineer after leaving school and had worked long-term in electrical engineering jobs for most of my life until I was about 50. I was made redundant several times, the last time about ten years ago. y marriage broke up as well and I had to sell my house when that happened. I thought I would get another job though. Since then, I haven’t been able to find another job and I think that is because of my age. I’m now on JSA and I am regularly sanctioned. I’ve had to ask for emergency money when they sanction me. They just cut me off. I live in a room in a house that is occupied by people who are in similar situations. I really want to get a job because that would let me change my situation.


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