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We’ve helped over 160 new businesses - now we’re being cut

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We’ve helped over 160 new businesses - now we’re being cut

While the Government encourage people to set up their own businesses if they get made redundant and trumpet their sketchy New Enterprise Allowance scheme, the effect of their public sector cuts will be to end the funded business support that has been available in the most deprived parts of the country.

In Hastings, where I have worked as a Business Coach since 2006, the end of the Area Based Grant in March will result in the loss of not only my project - which has helped over 600 clients and 160 new busines start-ups - but also the one-to-one support we have been able to provide to developing businesses that could be in a position to create more jobs.

The ‘Big Society’ as far as busines support goes appears to be about replacing qualified professionals with unpaid volunteers. The Government believe they will be able to recruit 40,000 experienced business ‘mentors’ for its’ new Mentoring Gateway by April, without having any idea who these people are or where they will come from.


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