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What will fees and cuts do for the future of architecture?

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What will fees and cuts do for the future of architecture?

Of all trades, construction must be one that rides the ups and downs of the economy most. Construction is a huge field from highly qualified architects to part-time builders.

Architecture is notorious for its seven years training before a student can become a fully accredited architect, 5 of which are spent at university. The average salary of a fully accredited architect is round about £35-45k, I believe. But this is after university fees of about £3,500ish per year. With fees trebling to £9000 a year, who will be willing to go through 5 years of university to become a fully qualified architect?

I am worried for the future of architecture. I believe it is likely there will be a decrease in new architecture students, and certainly a decrease in those who become fully accredited. Will this increase the demand for those who are accredited? Will this hike up the price of architecture?

Factor in also the cuts to public spending, which will surely hit the construction industry hard… I’m not expert on economics, but I see worrying times ahead.


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