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Now that I cannot work I feel totally let down by the system

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Now that I cannot work I feel totally let down by the system

Well now that my ESA claim is reenstated for two yrs - original decision overturned - the DLA have used the same Atos assessment to take away my DLA. Car has been taken back and care allowance stopped. How can this be fair?  I have written to DWP and asked them to reconsider their decision - as yet still awaiting a reply.I sent them letters of support from my local MP and doctors letters etc.

It is obvious to many people that the Atos assessment is unfair especially to people with illness such as M.E which is very variable and debilitating. A recent study found it to be more debilitating than nearly all other illness. I spend a great amount of my time bed bound,not through choice but because of the terrible fatigue and muscle pains in arms and legs.
There are an estimated 250,000 people in the UK effected by M.E an illness for which as yet there is no effective treatment or cure on the horizon. I have had M.E for over ten years now and my symptoms are still as bad if not worse now than ever. I have not been able to work at all for the past two years and only part time prior to that on and off.

I was claiming incapacity benefit, then JSA, then back to incapacity benefit now ESA for which i have had to fight tooth and nail to get,attending many tribunals and lodging many appeals all of which I have won.

So now i try and survive on approx £70 a week suplemented by charitable payments from my parents and am barely able to feed myself and pay the utility bills.I am scared to have the heating on and am dreading a cold winter that they seem to be predicting, because of my age (55) i am not eligable for cold weather payments or any other help as far as I am aware.

Up until I fell ill I had worked all the time since I left college aged 17 yrs and for many years ran my own business, during which time I paid my nat ins and higher rate tax.

Now that I cannot work I feel totally let down by the system and left desparate to carry on living alone without much support from anybody. All we hear of is cuts and yet more cuts. Do they expect people like myself to live on the streets and beg like in the victorian days? 


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