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Austerity things must change

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Austerity things must change

We all know someone who lost there job and had to go on benefits, we all know someone with a disability and need benefits.
Most of us will know someone who works a low paid job and needs help, these are but a few, who our great leaders declared war on.
They give you a tax break in one hand then they tax you more via higher council tax and bedroom tax.
What was the point of the tax break, it draws you in.
They find 46 billion for HS2 but can’t find the shortfall for the NHS, there answer close hospitals and A&E departments.
They have cut billions and billions and yet the National Deficit is still over the 100 billion mark are these cuts worth it, we do not ask them to keep lending money.
Come on people see the daylight you should draw regret from the lies your told on a daily basis.
Why should you pay for there mistakes, why should you be forced to hand over your hard earned cash, why should a vast majority work hard all week and then have to rely on a food bank to feed there children what’s democratic about that.
We don’t see them standing in que for food they order a tenner burger and have it delivered.
Just imagine the uproar if someone on welfare ordered that, you will never see a politician go without.

As with the few I’ve mentioned the Austerity measures only hurt those less well off, and at this point in time we have 2.5 million unemployed more if you count those on benefit courses, which if they fail to complete they loose there benefits.
Then we have those in low paid jobs who are just over the threshold by a mere few pounds and can’t get any help at all.
How many disabled do we have in this country I wouldn’t even hazard a guess, but there is a substantial amount.
Now if all of these came together how many would you have, more importantly how would the Coalition cope,
Using a conservative number let’s say 2 million, who or what would stop you from marching on London to there very heart, right to the place where the decisions are made nothing or no one could stop you.
Would they have to listen to you, yes they would, for all this to happen and as I’ve said before everyone must Unite under on banner.
You want change, you have the power to make change its in all your hands, so use it USE IT.
I can never understand when people say they have no power to change or make a difference, when in fact if everyone united stood as one voiced there opinions and refused to move, I’d like to see anyone move you.
The people of this once great nation have more power than you realize to demand change, just unite put your demands together as one.
As long as we give the illusion of acceptance this Coalition, and future governments, will continue to oppress you and make unrealistic promises and demands the choice is yours accept there lies or fight these Austerity measures. 


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