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Blue badge renewal

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Blue badge renewal

After looking through my blue badge renewal i decided not to bother ,the sheer amount of personal & private information put into the hands of the council was the straw that broke the camels back , iv been disabled since 1988 with 2 spine opps 1 knee op,diabetes,and osteo arthritis, and a degree of dyslexia ,i have problems walking on uneven surfaces ,looking at the form and the new requirments i would have to chop at least one of my legs and an arm or both arms refering to the quaulifing part where they ask you if you have a problem putting money into a parking meter ]

Part of the blue badge services have been out sourced to a commercial company , and would i trust poole council with my personal private and medical information ? i dont think so so i decided to not to renew my blue badge after all of these years ,im 66 this year ,if you look at the cuts that bournemouth /poole are making they must be on a bonus for every £ saved as is the standard with this government .

To top it all off i applied on line for a bus pass but my poole post code was not accepted by the system ,for some reason it did not accept it because it does not exist ,i had to phone up and get an application by post , i also put in a complaint to the council about the blue badge renewal ,apparently i did not an option for them to reply to me about the progress ,it was listed as [customer requested no response] which was news to me !

So this means i wont be able to to afford the councils parking charges and if i have to go to hospital i will have to take the bus ,it seems that once they have made all of the cuts they can we wont have to pay any council tax because we wont have any services left !


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