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Brownbin Con

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Brownbin Con

Bracknell Forest Council duped people into taking ownership of brown bins a number of years ago under the premise that it was the ‘green’ thing to do.
Along with many other local authorities they have now introduced a levy for emptying these bins, whilst at the same time their waste collection and recycling supposed ‘managers responsible for this initiative from concept where it was stated that there would be no charge to the present where charges have been applied have seen their respective wages increased out of all reasonable scale compared to % national averages and areas where such charges have not been introduced. This has resulted in many residents stopping their recycling of such waste.
Take a look at the Sandhurst Residents forum who were the only ones who contested this preposterous and outrageous decision, unfortunately though to no avail. As the decision makers / adjudicators / arbitrators are the beneficiaries of the monies that are collected through such decisions and policies.

This clearly demonstrates the need for central governance in terms of controlling the ratios of local economies to ensure that parity prevails nationally regarding recycling levels to £££ spent, as to avoid False Economy.



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