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Can not get a Statement for my son

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Can not get a Statement for my son

My son has severe ADHD, Dyspraxia, OCS and other mixed neurological problems and has been on a personal education plan since he was diagnosed in 2006, we have been fighting all the way through junior school to get him statemented as the hospital said he should be on a statement to get the extra support he needs at school.  The school have said that with the cuts there is no money for funding and they are reluctant to send him for assessment as if he is only offered 10 hours a week they have to fund it.  My son is finding school a struggle and is 2 years behind when an educational psycologist saw him he scored 83 the average is 85-115 but as he is only just below the score they are not interested.  Also the ADHD nuses at the hospital have been reduced there used to be 3 to cover all of the catchment area for Norfolk and Norwich hospital and now because of the cuts there are only 2.  Children are our future they should not suffer at the hands of this government


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